The benefit of appointing a Chartered Architectural Technologist

While most use the term ‘Architect’ in a generic way, it should be noted that this term is protected by statute and can only be used by one profession – a qualified Architect registered with the ARB (Architects Registration Board). We are not qualified Architects……

Traditionally the lead Architect would develop the exterior appearance and internal layout of a building. He/she would then be supported by either one or a team of architectural technicians or technologists to develop the detailed design and deliver the project to completion. They would advise the lead Architect on specific elements of the technological design, such as suitable materials for the building fabric, achieving the required energy efficiency levels, heating and cooling systems, passive design and achieving suitable comfort levels to name just a few. This information would be developed into detailed drawings and schedules for construction purposes.

From here the role of the Chartered Architectural Technologist was developed. A design professional with the proven skills, knowledge and experience to take a project from inception (including preparation of the design) all the way through to completion. We have attained Chartership through CIAT (Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists). We are able to demonstrate a high level of design and scientific knowledge to act in this capacity.

It is important to note that architectural technicians and non-chartered architectural technologists do not have to be registered with CIAT, but they may not hold the necessary academic qualifications, skills or experience to carry out satisfactory design services for your project, or be able to ensure that your projects potential is maximised.

At Epoch Architecture we are extremely design conscious and we are able to provide you with a wealth of design and technical knowledge based on nearly 20 years in practice experience in the profession. We have experience in the majority of the main construction sectors and have administered multi-million pound contracts. It is simple; if we do not have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to take on your commission then we will not - our regulatory bodies Code of Conduct stipulates this.