Epoch Architecture is a small client focused practice based on the North Staffordshire/Cheshire border. We pride ourselves on our time efficiency to provide creative and innovative solutions to our clients problems. Due to these factors and carrying low-overheads we are able to provide our professional services at very competitive rates whilst maintaining exceptionally high standards. Our geographic location combined with excellent transport links enables us to provide services to the surrounding counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Manchester, Shropshire and further afield when required.

We enjoy meeting our prospective clients, assessing their needs and developing the project brief. We recognise the significance of the design stage and its key to the success of a project. On-going consultation and strong communication lines between us, our clients and the wider design team ensures that our clients expectations are regularly exceeded.

‘’We love problem solving’’

At Epoch Architecture we specialise in the application of building science and technology and we are recognised as having specialist skills enabling us to manage the design process and use technical knowledge and expertise to provide innovative solutions.

Epoch Architecture Ltd are registered with and regulated by The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. This enables us to provide a full architectural service and lead the design team from inception through to completion of your project.



Epoch Architecture Ltd provide a wide range of services that can be tailored to our clients requirements;


Firstly we assess our clients needs and ensure that what they are proposing will provide good value for money and return on their investment


We will advise on environmental and regulatory legal requirements that may affect the project and advise on the feasibility of the proposals. We will complete and/or manage detailed survey requirements to ensure that accurate information is in place to enable the project to proceed.


With our clients we will develop the detailed project brief and the design programme, to commencement of works on site. In accordance with the CDM Regulations 2015 (Health & Safety In Construction) we will advise our clients of their duties and complete our duties as designers. Design work will be completed at this stage in close liaison with our clients and documentation prepared for submission to the local authority.




Following planning approval we will lead the detailed design process and co-ordinate the detailed design information with the other appointed consultants. We will advise on innovative solutions to problems and select and specify materials in relation to performance and production criteria.


We will produce, manage and integrate design and production information to the extent determined by our appointment. As a minimum we will obtain building regulations approval at plan stage.



Chartered Architectural Technologists are recognised as being qualified to negotiate and manage all aspects of construction contracts. We can obtain and evaluate tenders and agree contracts whilst ensuring compliance with design, legal and statutory requirements.


We will administer the building contract, undertake periodic inspections and provide contract certification to release funds to the contractor, providing you with piece of mind. It is our duty, where appointed, to manage the project handover stage. We will ensure all outstanding snags are rectified and that the works have been completed in accordance with the contract.

We are conscious of the services we provide and will obtain a full de-briefing from our client and end user and obtain feedback to enable us to improve our services where required.



Whether it be through the daily operation of our practice or in the buildings that we design, at Epoch Architecture we are constantly in review of our impact on the environment.


Our role is to synthesise environmental, social and economic requirements for buildings in the design and delivery of projects.

UK Building Regulations have become considerably more stringent over the last decade and have introduced measures and controls including; 

  • Standards for further reducing CO2 emissions in buildings by increased insulation requirements

  • Targets for reduced water consumption in new-builds

  • Control of harmful substances and construction waste materials

  • More strictly defined ventilation provisions

The level of compliance of these regulations is ever increasing and it is something that we take extremely seriously. We always push our clients to exceed current legislation wherever possible as it will benefit us all in the long-term. We have experience is designing houses using Passive House principles which promote high levels of insulation, a super air-tight building envelope and the use of the sun as a passive heat source during the cooler months. These principles are now becoming ever more popular in modern day construction and something we promote to our clients.

You can find out more here; http://www.passivhaus.org.uk/ 

For commercial projects we can work to BREEAM requirements which focuses on the sustainable value efficiency of a building through its lifecycle. The process evaluates the procurement, design, construction and operation of the development against targets that are based on performance benchmarks. Assessments are carried out by licensed assessors and the development rated and certified on a scale ranging from pass – outstanding. You can find out more here; http://www.breeam.com/.

During the daily operation of our practice we are always considerate to the environment and look at ways to further increase our sustainability. Here are some of the sustainable actions that we currently have in place;


The practice currently operates from a home studio in Biddulph Moor, Staffordshire Moorlands; no commute to work using the car, reduced pollution and reduced expenses passed onto our clients.



A great way to reduce paper usage and get documents signed and returned quickly. Using digital signatures we can receive instruction without printing a thing. All of our data is stored digitally, so no masses of hard paper copies in filing cabinets.



We realise that our daily use of a vehicle travelling to meet prospective clients has an impact on the environment. Therefore at the end of every year we have committed to donating £5 for every new commission received in that year to the National Trust. Every £5 enables the National Trust to plant

one new tree in a sustainable location. 




We print only when absolutely necessary, double sided printing, re-using scrap for notes and drafting wherever possible.



Our studio is flooded with natural light, low energy LED artificial lighting is used only when required and all equipment is switched off when not in use.



At Epoch Architecture we are committed to recycling and up-cycling materials wherever possible in the day-to-day operation of our business.

Jonathan Hargreaves



The practice was established in 2016 by myself Jonathan Hargreaves. As a practice our aim is to provide cost effective solutions to our clients problems. Whether it be their house, their place of work or their employees place of work. Since starting work in practice in 2001 in Newcastle-under-Lyme using hand drawn methods, I have developed experience in a wide range of construction sectors and become experienced in using modern day 3D drawing packages and Building Information Modelling software. This software is typically used in larger national scale practices. Having a varied experience of the main construction sectors and ambition to continually develop my knowledge further has driven me to establish my own practice. My aim is to provide a streamlined range of professional design services that are continually in review and development.